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President and
Representative Director

Noriaki Kato


"As a company that continues to take on
new value creation, transformation and challenges by utilizing its core technology"

This is Noriaki Kato, who has been appointed President and Representative Director of ETS Holdings, Inc. Thank you for your continued support for our business.

For about 100 years since our founding, we have been in charge of construction and maintenance of power transmission towers and electrical equipment construction to contribute to the stable supply of electric power. Life without electricity is no longer conceivable, and we are proud that our technology supports people’s lives behind the scenes, and at the same time, we can further enhance people’s lives by accurately grasping the needs of the times and creating new value. We would like to fulfill our social responsibilities to make it safe and comfortable .

With the urgent issues of global warming and the rapid spread of renewable energy, the electric power and energy industry feels that the time has come for a major transformation. We see this change as a great opportunity, and utilize the core technology we have cultivated to further promote our business activities as a company that continues to challenge greed without fear of change in order to create new value. increase.

We look forward to your continued guidance and support in the future.

ETS Holdings Inc. President and Representative Director

Kato Noriaki


1997 Graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Yokohama National University
1998 Graduated from Virginia National University, Japan Government-sponsored study abroad (1 year )
1999 Shanghai National University, Japan-government-sponsored study abroad (6 months)
2000 Completed from Yokohama National University Graduate School Master of Engineering
2015 Completed from Tsukuba University Graduate School MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Work experience
2000 Joined Chubu Electric Power Co., Ltd.
2007 Joined Japan GE Co. , Ltd.
2015 Joined Japan GE Co., Ltd. Director
2016 Sonedix Japan Co., Ltd. Joined
2017 Sonedix Japan Co., Ltd. Vice President
2018 GCL New Energy Japan Co., Ltd. Joined CEO
2020 Joined the Company General Manager of Sales Headquarters and General Manager of Planning Office
December 23, 2020 Appointed President and Representative Director of the Company, and continues to this day.