Business introduction


Transmission business


The diversification of electrical work technology and "Technology ETS" will demonstrate our strengths.

As we move toward a highly information-oriented society, the electric power business has become the most diversified in recent years, and the conversion of energy has attracted attention, and the stable supply of electric power continues to grow in importance.

At ETS Holdings, as a company that contributes to society as an “essential worker” group that supports stable power supply, such as backbone transmission line construction work using the construction technology accumulated so far, and the raising method “Enark 160” using patented technology. We will fulfill our mission.

Fictitious transmission line construction work


With high technology and experience Propose flexibly.

We provide high technical capabilities including our own technical construction method, and support a wide range of activities such as foundation, tower assembly, overhead wire, OPGW overhead wire, maintenance patrol, survey, survey design, and consultant work.

Tower Raising Consturction-hamonious with the environment

Tower Raising Consturction-hamonious with the environment

With many years of experience, Original construction method.

Our electric power business is supported by our unique construction method created by our many years of experience and high technology. We would like to introduce our unique construction method.

Tower raising device "Enark 160"

275-500kV existing transmission line tower raising device


1. Since the equipment is installed inside the existing tower using the non-branch line construction method, the construction site can be reduced.

2. Up until now, the raising device (compared to our company) required several steps to reach the specified height, but it is now possible to raise the device all at once to the height of the mechanical device.

3. Since it is an electric type and a trochoid type, it is possible to raise the height more smoothly.

4. The raising time of about 10m (compared to our company) is one hour, and the raising process of about half a day is possible.

5. It can be used for large transmission lines with overload.

Synchro method "Tower Lifter 80"

66-275kV low ground clearance tower raising device


1. The device configuration is compact.

2. Since it is an internal device of the tower, there is no need to purchase additional land.

3. Lightweight and can be used regardless of whether it is flat or mountainous.

4. It can adapt to 66kV to 275kV.

5. It can handle up to a tension tower with a light horizontal angle.

6. It is possible to raise the height while the line is live.

Steel pipe single tower assembly method "Sky Lance TY-33"

Steel pipe single tower construction method in urban areas


1. The new foundation and the equipment have been integrated to realize the independence of the equipment.

2. The lifting part uses a winch for climbing cranes for tower assembly, enabling smooth lifting operation.

3. We have developed a lifting carrier that can grip steel pipes of different diameters with the same metal fittings.

4. A guide rail is installed to prevent the transfer of the steel pipe itself that occurs when the upper part of the device is lifted.