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Code of Conduct – Article 10 of the Code of Conduct

1.Compliance with laws and regulations

We will comply with laws and regulations, carry out corporate activities fairly and honestly based on high ethical standards in line with the purpose of legislation, and respond to the trust of society.

2.Fair disclosure of corporate information

We will actively listen to the voices of society, disclose necessary corporate information widely, in a timely and appropriate manner, and promote communication with society as an "open company."

3.Coexistence with the local community

We aim to coexist with the local community by promoting corporate activities that contribute to the sound development of the local community and a comfortable, safe and secure life.

4.Contribution to environmental conservation

Conduct environmentally friendly corporate activities and contribute to the construction of a sustainable society in which the environment and economy are in harmony.

5.Gaining customer trust

We will provide products and services that meet customer needs and correct information about them, and appropriately protect and manage customer information to earn the trust of customers.

6.Establishing trust with businesspartners

We will build business relationships in accordance with fair rules, establish relationships of trust with our business partners through smooth communication, and establish and develop a sound construction market.

7.Creating an environment for employee self-actualization

We will respect the personality and diversity of our employees, realize fair treatment without discrimination and harassment, and create a work environment where they can demonstrate their abilities and vitality.

8. Understanding and support of allstakeholders

Gain the understanding and support of all stakeholders through fair and transparent corporate management. In addition, the basic policy is not to conflict the interests of individuals and companies.

9.Healthy relationship with politics and government

Maintain a healthy and transparent relationship with politics and administration, and do not engage in unjustified cohesion or unfair activities.

10.Dealing with antisocial forces

We deal with antisocial forces and groups that threaten social order and safety with a resolute attitude as a whole company, and have no relationship with them.

Our officers and executives must recognize that the realization of this norm is their role, practice the initiative, thoroughly manage and instruct, and strive to improve and strengthen the internal system.
 If you violate or suspect that you are violating this Code, you must report it to your supervisor and take appropriate measures promptly. In the unlikely event that there is a situation in which it cannot be reported to the boss, the whistleblower contact point stipulated in the "Public Interest Whistleblower Protection Regulations" must be used and appropriate measures must be taken. In this case, we guarantee that the whistleblower will not be treated unfavorably.
 If an officer / employee violates this Code, the officers will take strict punishment based on the Board of Directors / Audit & Supervisory Board, and the employee will take strict punishment. Strive to prevent.